Founder / Owner, Lottie Terzi

Founder / Owner, Lottie Terzi

A Note From Our Founder

At Brooklyn Diamond we are a team of fun, coffee-loving, passionate people who infuse love into every cup of coffee we make.

What an amazing journey it has been! From door-to-door cold brew deliveries, to a pop up store in the South Street Seaport. Growing from a team of 2 to 12.

Thus far, we have surpassed even our own expectations! We have developed and revamped brewing techniques that set us apart from other coffee shops. We are proud to offer customers a cup that tastes different than anything they have ever had. 

We strive to provide our customers with the highest quality coffee. 

With so many people interested in what we do, and how we do it, we thought it would be great to start sharing our ideas, new products, and keeping you up to date with the latest at Brooklyn Diamond Coffee!




It Begins

In the spring of 2013, door-to-door deliveries of cold brew coffee took off. In the summer of 2013, just two months after the company was created, Brooklyn Diamond was asked to open a summer pop up in the South Street Seaport. Here, store neighbors included specialty food shops such as Pinkberry and Magnolia Bakeshop. That summer proceeds were donated to victims of Hurricane Sandy.

By the Fall of 2013, bottled Brooklyn Diamond Cold Brew hit the shelves of local grocery stores and health food markets throughout the tri-state area. After seeing the unlimited possibilities a retail store had to offer, it was time for a permanent location. A place where the name Brooklyn Diamond would not just be synonymous to coffee, rather it would represent something greater; a lifestyle. And what better place then Brooklyn? Within just a few short months, Brooklyn Diamond Coffee unveiled it's first cafe in Gravesend, Brooklyn.



Brooklyn Diamond has grown to a small network of coffee bars, a custom coffee delivery service, and an extensive wholesale devision.Brooklyn Diamond is dedicated to growing and giving back; we offer exciting opportunities to our employees and put great emphasis on charity towards the communities we are connected.